What's Your Fashion IQ?

Are you a fashion genius or a fashion dunce? Can you identify items from major designers? Do you know what colors go together? Find your Fashion IQ with this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You don't know very much about fashion! Well, at least you don't know much about the history or the particulars of the business. Your own personal fashion might be on point. Might. Learn more about fashion and you'll know!

You know as much about fashion as the average person. Which is to say, probably not a lot. You might know what's in style at the mall but you might not know what's trending in Milan or New York. But, unless you live there, you're probably better off following the fashion of your peers anyway.

You know more about fashion than the average person. You probably actually read the captions in the fashion magazines and have a general knowledge of who's who in the fashion world. Your wardrobe is also probably inspired by that knowledge.

You know a lot more than most people about fashion and probably more about high fashion as well. You dream of couture, shoes, accessories, and fashion shows. You may even have been to a few. You might even know enough to identify what off the rack mall pieces were inspired by.

You are a fashion genius! So are you a fashionista? Or are you in the fashion business? You must be close to it some way because you know obscure fashion information. Are you the next Anna Wintour? Or maybe the next big fashion designer?