What is Your Destiny?

You may think your destiny is what will give you the most fulfillment, but that's not necessarily true. Your destiny is how you will impact the world. Maybe you're destined to be a pirate? Or a religious leader? Find out!

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The American Dream
Your fate might not be as exciting as some people think it should be, but you'll be happy with the marriage, 2.5 kids, 2 car life. It's comfortable, full of love, and you can play at other destinies when you take those vacations you carefully save up for.

To Be a Pioneer
No, you won't necessarily be heading out West in a covered wagon, but you will be at the forefront of SOMETHING. Your quest for excitement and doing things that are new (at least to you) will have you forging forward on some grand adventure.

The Wind Beneath our Wings
You will support the world in some way. Maybe it will be just one person you will encourage to greatness or maybe it will be all of us. You want the world to be a better place and you will support that cause in every way you can and give hope to that one person or to many.

To Defeat Evil
You have a mission to rid the world of anything that seeks to harm. You aren't just in it for the fight, you're in it because of your compassion for the underdog. You hate to see the bad guys win and you're going to do something about it.

To Be a Shining Star
You will be an inspiration to many. Maybe you'll even be famous. Whatever your talent is, you will excel at it and will rise to great heights in your field or art. People will look up to you as they hope or try to achieve what you have done.

Comic Relief
You will spread happiness and joy wherever you go. We can't all be serious all of the time so we need someone like you to lighten the load and make us laugh. Your destiny is perhaps the most important because laughter and joy are what make life worth living!