Which Decade Of The 1900’s Should You Have Lived In?

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The beginning of the 20th century was much like the 1800's. Your refined personality would make you a perfect fit for this decade!

The 1920's are often referred to as the roaring twenties. World War I had just ended and it was time to celebrate! The economy was great and parties seemed to happen every night! Your exciting personality makes you a great fit for this decade!

Do you ever wish for a simpiler time? If you do, it's probably because you belong in the 1950's. Gender roles were much more strictly applied then than they are now. Women stayed at home and men went to work. Things were simple, even if it was a little dull. You would be happy in the 1950's.

The 1960's were all about going against "the man" and making a name for yourself and protecting nature. Being free spirited, instead of restricted like the decade before, gave people the freedom they had been craving. Do you crave freedom? If so, the 1960's would have been perfect for you!

The 1980's were fueled with music videos, cheap soda, and pixelized video games. Kids and teens seemed to rule this decade. If you ever wish that things were a little more fun in your life, then you probably would have had a great time in the 1980's.