What Does Your El Dorado Look Like?

Everyone has an El Dorado, that one thing they are constantly searching for that will bring them peace or happiness. What's yours? Find out with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An ancient and colossal library
Imagine yourself in stacks and stacks of books so high you need ladders and catwalks to see them all. Down below are long tables lit by small green lamps. You have your own nook, though - a pile of pillows by a dusty window on an aisle no one has been down in ages. To see what it looks like, check out the George Peabody Library in Baltimore or The Morgan Library in NYC.

A lost island
You chart your course to find a lost island of mystery. You've heard legends of its wonders like as yet unknown beasts and shipwrecked knights that found their way home only to die after telling of their adventures. You will find there peace and solitude as well as exotic plants and animals. You can add to the journals, maps, and sketches you find in the castle left behind hundreds of years ago.

The Land of Love
Your El Dorado looks a lot like waking up in a snuggle. You are looking for love, but so far it's not been in all of the right places. Your destiny is to find the place where there are so many better choices than anything you've seen so far. If you're looking for a man, try California or Wisconsin. If you're looking for a woman, try the East Coast. Do a search yourself and see which areas have the most of what you're looking for!

Villa on the water
You know, one of those grass roofed villas at the end of a long dock over a stretch of crystal blue water? Of course, this would include a trusted and friendly caretaker that would lower cold drinks down to your float while you were dipping your toes in the water. From your villa you could just see and barely hear all of the fun being had at the resort just at the bend of the island. The perfect place to go when you've achieved peace and are ready for fun.

Cave in the Forest
Deep, deep in a primordial forest that's dripping in green. Of course, there's a lovely meadow or two nearby where you gather berries and wildflowers and stare a frolicking deer, but when other humans come near you - which almost never happens - you can slink off to the cave you share with your tame bear and wait them out and then go fishing with your bear friend in a clear, rocky, mountain stream.

Next door to the Joneses
Whoever the Jones family is to you, you want to live right next door and beat them at everything. You don't want to just keep up, you want to surpass. So, maybe it's in an exclusive city high rise, a wealthy neighborhood, or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but wherever it is, your El Dorado is the brightest star on the block.