Which New Trick Should You Teach Your Dog?

Wondering which trick to teach your dog? Answer these 29 questions about your dynamic with your best dog friend, and we'll lead you in the right direction!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Play Dead
You and your dog love to hang out together and goof around. You're silly together, so it makes sense that playing dead should be the next trick learned! Imagine watching a TV show, and your dog demanding extra attention, so you pretend shoot and bam, dog drops to the floor in a dramatic attempt at making you laugh!

Fetch Something From the Fridge
You and your dog are the snacky types. No movie or show is complete without a bowl of pretzels or popcorn. Or a drink! So why not train your buddy to help you out? Dog gets the drinks, while you get the food items. It's friendship made in doggo heaven!

Here's the problem you and dog are having: dog adores spending time with you, and as such, you're bound to be followed everywhere. Like an extra shadow. A lovable, furry, slobbery shadow. Although in theory this isn't a problem (quite the opposite) it can pose a danger when crossing the road, or doing something dangerous. Teach your dog to stay and wait for you so you protect your best buddy!

Take A Bow
You and doggo have a reputation to keep as gentlemen with good manners. And as such, it would be wise for you to teach the dog how to take a bow. When a lady is present, it would make a lasting impression if the dog took a bow! Imagine the bonus points.