Are You A Lover Or Fighter?

A fun quiz that will truly make you think outside the box.Where do you fall on the grid of life-a lover or fighter? Or maybe you feel like you're both at times?Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Hopeless romantic
You love everything there is about love, you are one of those people that have been visualizing your wedding since you were a kid. You like the colors associated with love, you like the flowers associated with it, you love romantic movies. Anything about love is all you.

You still like the concept of dating and falling head over heals for someone. You like that feeling of new love, you like being wrapped up in the euphoria of wanting to be around you love. You are a daydreamer you will spend hours thinking about your love.

Lover/Married multiple times
You are in love with the idea of love, because love itself never seems to work out for you. You are on your third marriage and it seems to be a little rocky. You want to be married and with your one true love but you seem to fall for all the wrong people. But you will not give up on love.

You have spent most of your child hood getting in trouble for fighting other kids, now you do it for money. You are not a sanctioned fighter but you do get paid for fighter in unsanctioned events such as backyard street fights.

Amateur fighter
You have been climbing the ranks as an amateur fighter and it is going pretty good for you so far only a couple more amateur fights and you will be able to turn. Your career as amateur has gone better than you could have ever expected.

Champion of the world
You are the best in the world many have challenged and all have fallen short of their goal. You worked your way up the ranks to realize your dream of becoming champion of the world. You are now recognized as the best fighter in the world.