How Much Do You Know About Conspiracy Theories?

Do you know enough about conspiracy theories to protect yourself it the you know what hits the fan or will They subvert or oppress you? Find out by taking this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Are asleep
You know next to nothing about conspiracy theories. You're completely in the dark! You do know that some conspiracy theories actually come true, right? That there are times that the U.S. government has admitted faking events to get to do what it wants like go to war? Read up on the Gulf of Tonkin or MKUltra. They turned out to be real!

Are a misinformation believer
You know just a little bit about conspiracy theories. Just enough to believe whatever hogwash misinformation you are given by planted specialists that are meant to bait and switch you. Don't drink the kool-aid! Keep your eyes open!

Are somewhat awake
You have just started to let your eyes drift open and you can at least see the landscape upon which the most probable conspiracy theories are built. You know that the powers that be don't necessarily have our best interests at heart!

Are awake
You don't know every conspiracy theory but you're learning them quickly. You are also awake enough to know which ones to discard as ridiculous and which ones are likely to be true based on evidence that makes sense. You will save the world!

A Conspiracy Theorist
You know everything there is to know about conspiracy theories. You know so much and have built such a web of information in your head that you are now able to come up with your OWN conspiracy theories. Are you the next David Icke?