How Much Flow Do You Have In Life?

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Your Life Is Flowing Like A Stream!
Right now, your life is flowing exactly like a stream! Everything in your life is going exactly as it should be. Sure, you have ups and downs sometimes, but even the bad times seem to add up to great learning experiences. You're definitely in line with your purpose, which is why your life just seems to flow in the right direction!

Your Life Is Flowing Like A Waterfall!
Right now, your life is flowing like a waterfall! It's obvious that you are in line with your purpose and your destiny. Even though things aren't always hunky dory, you find that the bad times made the good times even better. When you know who you are, everything flows as it should!

Your Life Is Flowing Sometimes!
Your life is flowing sometimes! Sometimes it seems like your life is an easy flowing stream, other times it feels like a still and stagnant pond. When you go against your purpose or do things that aren't in line with who you are, the flow of your life will come to a halt. When you go with your gut and follow your heart, your life will flow as it should!

Your Life Is Not Flowing At All!
Uh oh, right now, it doesn't feel as if your life is flowing at all! You've been feeling a bit stuck and stagnant as of late, which is making you a bit down in the dumps. You can't seem to align with your purpose or find out what you're meant to do. Soon you'll get your flow back, just follow your heart!