What Should I Do With My Money?

A free quiz that will give pointers in regard to what you should buy. What was your recent big purchase? This fun quiz will give you an idea of what you should purchase in your near future.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Junk food
You are you and you don't have a ton of money so a vast majority of it that you spend goes straight to junk food. Your parents will not buy it for you all the time but you can get your own whenever you have extra cash.

Video games
They're a few new titles dropping soon and you are dying to play them. You have been saving your money just for this purpose, so when the games come out you will not have to wait. You even reserved a copy of your favorite game.

You love fashion everything about you is all about fashion. You are the person that friends and family come to for fashion advice. So it makes sense that majority of your money goes to clothes. No one would expect anything different.

You have been saving for about two years now so you can take your dream vacation. And that is exactly what you plan to do. You work hard for your money and you are about to treat yourself with a vacation that dreams are made of.

Your current car is on it's last leg. Your car has been very good to you for a very long time. But it is costing way more than it is worth at this time. So it would make sense that you would spend your money on a new car.

You have reached a point in your life where you can no longer justify paying someone else rent. You have built your credit score up and saved enough for a down payment. So with that being said it is time for you to purchase your first home.