Am I An Emotional Person?

We're all just a ball of emotions, aren't we? At the end of the day, we're just a big compilation of hormones and their effects on our bodies. But just how much of an effect are your's taking? Quiz on to find out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Stone cold and practically dead inside
There's nothing remotely emotional about you. You aren't on board with having all the feels. You don't like romance movies and you'd rather stab a fork in your eye than wine and dine your significant other. A ball game and hot dogs while rooting for your team are much more your speed. No worries about over-reacting when it comes to you. You barely feel anything.

Hardly emotional at all
Sure, you might get a watery eye when a grandparent passes away, but that's about it as far as you're concerned. Emotions just don't jive with you. They've never helped you out and you don't see the need to fuss or worry over things that are out of your control.

Only emotional when the situation warrants it
Emotions serve a purpose and you totally understand that. That being said, you aren't over the top about it. If someone passes away, you're on board with shedding a few tears after hearing the news. You might even get choked up when sharing stories of them at their memorial service, but you aren't crying at the end of sad movies. Enough said.

Fairly well-balanced most of the time
You're pleasantly situated right in the middle. Certain things will get you in the feels. You never want to see a dog die in a movie and you're pretty sure meeting your kids for the first time in the delivery room was the most moving moment of your life, but you don't get carried away with tears and anger either.

Slightly more emotional than the average person
You can be a bit hot-headed. You also seem to tear up more than most people you know. That's okay. Sometimes they're happy tears, and sometimes not. What's important is that you feel everything so deeply and really know you're getting something out of this life.

An extremely emotional person
There's no doubt about it. You feel EVERYTHING. It's quite possible you might be an empath with the way you pick up on others' emotions even when they aren't declaring them to you verbally. It's a blessing and a curse, and you seem to manage it well enough.