Am I Ungrateful?

Wondering if you're an ungrateful person? Maybe you have it all, and you still want more? Well, let's put it to the test! But fair warning, the answer may surprise you.

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Super Grateful
You're very grateful. You see the things you own, the people in your life that you get to call loved ones, you see the opportunities you've had and the way that you live, and you can't help but be grateful. That's good! Keep it up.

Silently Grateful
You're grateful about everything in your life, and everyone, but you're not one to outwardly express it all the time. It takes someone questioning you about it for you to admit that you're grateful. Maybe you think that voicing it outloud will jinx things? Or maybe that's just not your style! Whatever it is, you're grateful, you're just not vocal about it.

Moderately Grateful
So you're what we're calling moderately grateful, which means you're aware of everything and everyone that's good in your life, but you've had it for so long that you're becoming ungrateful. Maybe you didn't need to struggle too hard to get it all? Maybe you did, but it's literally been decades since then, and now everything just... is.

You're 100% ungrateful. You're literally the person who throws their new smartphone for kicks. You mistreat your loved ones, and you totally don't care of that one expensive shirt gets stained, and you could care less about that amazing position you have at work. In fact, you've thought about packing up and moving for the sake of change. You'd rather do things differently, because let's face it... you're bored.