What Cartoon Character Are You Quiz

Click questions to find out what character you are. There are many to choose from: Big Chungus, Spongebob, any princess or dave. Enjoy the quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Big Chungus
You are funny, fat and loved by all. You dont care what you look like and your best mate is Bugs Bunny.

You are dumb and not very stylish. You have no friends and people call you names.

Many people like you and you are bubbly and happy all the time. Some people hate you because of your ominous laugh.

Princess Ariel
You sing alot. You like humans and are adored by many people. You are cursed by a witch and you must always look your best.

Princess Smartypants
You are a nerd. You love school and you are top of every class. You are skinny and you never play.

An Emoji
You are adored and you dont mind showing your emotions.