Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Wondering what to get your girlfriend? Take this quiz, which determines her interests and personality, and get a tailored gift idea faster than you can Google more lame gift ideas

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A New Eye Palette... Or Other Makeup!
She's your typical cool girl, pretty and stylish, taking her tips from celebrity fashion on a daily basis. Why not fuel her fire by giving her an amazing eye palette? But remember, it has to be made by a celebrity. And if she just got one of those, there's always mascara, lipstick, foundation, highlighter, contour palettes, etc.

Some Serious Shoes
She's edgy, she's probably alternative, which means she loves her clothes to reflect her. Her clothes, her whole outfit, has to be original. It's not your typical girl next door, not your typical celebrity obsessed girl. Why not make her day by getting her some serious shoes?! Combat boots are always a go-to. But if you can find amazing 'combat-style' boots that lace up and have heels? Even better!

New Art Supplies
She's super artsy, super creative. And regardless of what type of creative hobby (or job) she has, there's always bound to be some tools involved. If it's painting, there's paint, canvas, and brushes. If it's writing, it's pens and notebooks, external hard drives and books for inspiration. If it's knitting, then you can get her more material for whatever her latest project is right now!

New Cooking Utensils
Your girl loves, loves, loves to cook. She makes amazing meals all the time, because she honestly finds it super fun. And it shows. Her practice has led to the most delicious food you've ever had. So, why not make her week by gifting her some tools that she can use for recipes? Maybe she's somehow missing a sifter, of a mortar and pestle. Or maybe she's missing a bundt pan.

Collectible Toys
Your girlfriend is nerdy and it's adorable to you. She geeks out over things like video game collector's editions, pop culture figurines, graphic t-shirts relating to her favorite shows, etc. Why not gift her something she can add to her collection? Think of what her favorite show, movie, or book is... and then find a figure for it. Maybe she has one already? Get her a tote bag! Or shirt. Or one of those cute handbags with cartoon characters on it.