Am I a Good Friend?

Do you think you're a good friend or are you worried that you're not? Most people are somewhere in between. To know for sure, you should take this quick quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Bad friend
You're lacking in the hallmarks that people expect from good friends. Or even just friends or even acquaintances, really. We get it - sometimes you just get so busy that you kinda forget stuff. Or, maybe you don't think your friends would do these things for you either. If that's the case - find some new friends!

Not a very good friend
You could do much better at being a friend. Keep negative thoughts and cynicism to yourself, or even change your attitude. Or, if that's not your problem, and it's just selfishness or forgetfulness - give your friend the upper hand sometimes or honor them with the occasional birthday gift or some bit of thoughtfulness.

A decent friend
You're neither a bad friend nor a good friend. You're just middle of the road. You probably get away with it with most of your friends but you might have a couple of acquaintances that would be more interested in becoming friends if you put forth a little more effort for the pals you already have.

A good friend
You're a really good friend to those friends that are closest to you. Especially to your BFF. You remember the important things, their likes and dislikes, what to say and what not to say. You hardly ever forget a birthday or milestone. You're a good friend.

A really good friend!
You're a great friend. The best. You might even have more than one BFF and probably two or three that consider themselves to be your best friend and you don't even know it. You're thoughtful, encouraging and more!