Are You More Princess Kate Or Meghan Markle?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Princess Kate
You're more like Princess Kate! Like this beloved princess, you're a bit on the shy side. You tend to be more reserved and thoughtful, rather than outspoken or bold. You are a total class act when it comes to both style and personality. Others love you for your intelligence, thoughtfulness, and quiet strength.

Meghan Markle
You're more like Meghan Markle! Like this future princess, you're known for being both outspoken and free spirited! You are bold and driven, with a love of setting big goals and making waves. You are known for your unique sense of style and playful nature!

A Mix Of Both
You are a mix of both Princess Kate and Meghan Markle! Lucky you! It's clear that you possess traits from both of these powerful ladies. Though you are shy and reserved, you're always willing to speak out and step up for the causes you believe in. While you love to travel, you know that nothing really beats a night at home with the family!