What Type Of Hat Should I Wear

This is a short quiz that will help you determine what type or style of hat you should be wearing. Maybe you are the ball cap type or maybe you like to style and profile with a fedora.

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What Type Of Hat Should I Wear

1. Caps are overrated.True or false?

True False

2. Describe the shape of your head..?

Peanut Small Medium Large

3. How do you generally wear your hair?

Cut close Bald Various styles Normal

4. Do you wear a hat on Easter?

Yes No Sometimes Never

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ball cap
You like your urban style and nothing accents your outfits better than your sneaker and hat collection. You have just as many ball caps as you have sneakers. And that is a vast collection, no one you know has anything that comes close.

You have a collection of scully's, toboggans, beanies, whatever you want to call them. But when the cold weather sets in you break them out. You never have to worry about your head or ears being cold.

Captain's hat
You are the captain of a river boat in your city. It is basically a tourist attraction, you take people out on tours of the river, but nevertheless you are a real life captain; and a real life captain needs a real captains hat.

You are all about style and fashion, you believe you should have a hat on that compliments every outfit. So anytime you are dressed up, which is very often you will pull out one of your many fedoras to accent your attire.

Derby festival hat
You have been in love with horses since you were a child and the older you became the deeper the love grew. Now you are a big time horse racing fan, and your favorite race of all is the Derby. This is the one time of the year that allows you to pull out or purchase a beautiful over the top hat.

Policeman's hat
You don't always have to wear your hat but when you are walking a beat or there is a special occasion you have to wear your hat. Most officers do not wear their hats on a daily basis but none the less they still have them.