What Type of Shoes Should I Wear?

Wondering what type of shoes you should be wearing? Take this quiz to find out which shoes are the most practical for you based on your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You run around all day, getting things done, getting some exercise in while you're at it. And as such, sneakers are the best shoe type for you. They are ideal because they meet all of your needs, and they really make it possible for you to enjoy the bulk of your day.

Heels/Dress Shoes
You work in a fancy environment. And when you're not at work, you tend to frequent fine dining restaurants, and high-end entertainment locations. That means you're always dressed to impress, or should be. Heels are best here! Or dress shoes, depending.

You run around all types of terrain, not just pavement. And furthermore, you like a good bit of ankle support, because you're on your feet quite a bit. It makes sense that you would use boots! Some ankle, some mid calf, and some tall ones, for variety.

Rain boots
You live in a very rainy city, which means that you're definitely in for some rain boots. You don't want to ruin your good pairs of shoes, do you? The best part about rain boots is that they're plastic, so they're easy to clean, they go with most things, and they are surprisingly durable. Just make sure to wear some breathable socks!

You live somewhere near the water, whether it's a beach, a lake, bay, or something else. And that means you're possibly living in an area where warm weather is the norm. So, why not wear those sandals? They're comfortable, breathable, and they make sense with your location.