What Color Should My Wedding Dress Be?

Are you getting close to saying your vows? Even if you aren't and you're just planning ahead, you can take this quiz and find out what color wedding dress you should wear!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

It's clear that you are looking for the traditional wedding gown, so white is going to be ideal for your special day. You can get unique with the cut and embellishments if you're looking for some way to add some creativity!

Either you aren't very happy about your upcoming nuptials or you just really like the color black. There's something dark and mysterious about you, and you want that to shine through on your wedding day. Black is in for weddings right now, so you're going to be super fashionable!

Champagne offers a bit of elegance and a whole lot of fun. You are stepping away from the white a little bit, but not going super drastic with your selections. It's going to have everyone's jaws hitting the floor that's for certain!

Now, this is one fun wedding dress! You can start out with the classic white on top and then let it fade into whatever colors you want at the bottom. You can even do the ombre dying yourself if you're someone that's crafty with those kinds of things. People are going to be talking about this dress for years to come!

Silver provides a nice combination of traditional and modern when worn for a wedding day. It's not too over the top that people are pointing and whispering, but it allows you to show a little bit of your personality.

Dusty Rose.
A dusty rose colored wedding dress is what fairy tales are made of. It's chic and fashionable yet soft and subtle. Everyone is always looking at the bride anyway, but they won't be able to look away if this is the color of your gown.