What Kind of Sandwich Are You?

Are you as cool as a cucumber sandwich? Or as hot as grilled cheese? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Egg Salad Sandwich
You look good but that's because you take a long time to get ready. You're at your best early in the day. You can't stand to be left waiting around. (Shh. If you do, you start to smell)

A Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich
When people call you cheap and easy ' and they do ' they don't mean it as an insult. We all need a little cheap and easy in our lives. And you aim to please. Young people, especially, love you. Except for the ones you might accidentally poison. (All these modern allergies, you know.)

A Hot Turkey Sandwich
People turn to you when they are in need of comfort. Or after certain exhausting holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. People also dream about you when they are on a diet. For this reason, you are like the Marilyn Monroe of sandwiches. You know, if Marilyn Monroe were smothered in delicious brown gravy.

A Cucumber Sandwich
You are very 'white bread.' You know, the sort of person who attends a lot of tea parties and church buffets. You are bland, polite, and refined. Although, oddly, people often burp a lot in your presence. You don't do that on purpose, do you?

A Dagwood Sandwich
Why have just one thing if you can have two or three, or four? That's your attitude to life. Bigger is always better! More is always more! You're so generous that you make some people sick.

An Ice Cream Sandwich
You are sweet and cool. And somewhat surprising. In this crowd, you're a bit of an odd duck. Do you even qualify as a sandwich? Sure! Ask any kid ' they'll vouch for you.