What City Do I Live In?

You may love the city where you live, but which city does your spirit call home? This quiz will match your personality to where it lives, even if that's not where your physical address is located.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

New York City, United States of America
Bright lights, big city. You live in New York. Manhattan, to be precise. Whether you are hurrying to work on Wall Street, or scoping out artwork at the Metropolitan Museum, like NYC, you are trendy, yet timeless. You love meeting your friends for dinner at the city's hottest restaurants as much as you enjoy dancing in the coolest clubs in town.

Tokyo, Japan
Traditional and modern, beautiful Tokyo is the city that you call home. You love spending time exploring the public gardens and touring the museums as much as you do playing in theme parks and watching theatrical productions. Like Tokyo, you're well-balanced and don't lose sight of your history.

Dublin, Ireland
It's your luck to call Dublin home. Whether you're spending the day in a park, heading to a pub to listen to music, or traveling to visit a castle, you love being surrounded by people who know you well in a place that is filled with history. Like Dublin, you remember your past and enjoy the present.

Lagos, Nigeria
Bustling, lively Lagos is the city where you call home. You love spending time dancing at concerts as much as you do hanging out at the beach with your friends. When nighttime comes, you can be found out and about. Fashionable and fun. That is Lagos, and you.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Luxurious and curious, you and Dubai have a lot in common. Whether you're exploring the city's aquariums and water parks or sampling dishes at a fancy restaurant, you're always perfectly poised and ready for a new experience. You carry yourself as gracefully as one of Dubai's skyscrapers and are as exciting as its nightlife.

Delhi, India
Bustling and filled with personality, you always feel like you belong in your beloved city of Delhi. Like Delhi, you are eclectic and filled with surprises. When you are shopping in the giant bazaar for crafts and spices or finding artwork as unique as you, you always carry yourself with a spiritual air. Delhi never bores you, just as you never fail to find new ways to pleasantly surprise your friends.