Weeaboo Test

Weeaboos are people who are so obsessed with Japanese culture that they lose touch with their own cultural identity. Does that describe you? This fun quiz will reveal the answer.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

definitely not a weeaboo.
Whoever accused you of being a weeaboo doesn't even know what a weeaboo is! You don't exaggerate your knowledge of Japanese culture, and what you do know is not based on cartoons and social media! Besides, you love all types of cultures, not just Japan's.

not a weeaboo.
Weeaboo is a rather negative term because it's used to describe someone with an unhealthy obsession. So far, your appreciation for Japanese culture hasn't crossed the line into craziness yet. Maintain your love for your own culture and you'll be O.K.

in danger of becoming a weeaboo.
You have some unhealthy tendencies to romanticize Japanese things that put you in danger of becoming a weeaboo. The best thing to do is to develop a more realistic view of Japan and a less critical view of your own country.

a little weeaboo.
You go gaga over a few Japanese things, but at least your unhealthy obsession is only limited to a few things. It's O.K. to like Japanese things, but just don't try to act like an expert on the language or culture because you are not.

half weeaboo.
You like your own culture, but you have an unhealthy obsession with Japanese cultures. Besides that, your view of Japan is a bit unrealistic. If you haven't already, plan to spend a few months in Japan on a tourist visa so you can learn how it really is.

the definition of a weeaboo.
You eat, breathe, and sleep Japanese things. Unfortunately, this makes you feel like you have a true understanding of Japanese language and culture. You do not. And pretending like you do is annoying, hence the derogatory label: Weeaboo!