What Color Am I?

Colors do have associated meanings What color are you? It might seem like a funny question, but wouldn't you like to know the answer? What color are you? Orange? Indigo? Take the quiz and find out!

Tags: Personality, Color, Meaning, Symbol, Energy, Emotion, Characteristics

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are full of life and energy! You are the person that encourages everyone to get up and take action. No one is allowed to mope and laze about when you're around. You love basking in any kind of light whether is sunshine or limelight!

You are a peaceful person that passes on your tranquility. Even if you don't feel tranquil all of the time, you are more peaceful than most. Blue hues have long been associated with relaxation and calm - especially turquoise!

You are of the woods and grass and all things nature! You are at peace in nature and natural things flock to you as well. You probably have a green thumb and you are probably the type of person that stranger's pets gravitate to.

You are full of mystical energy and probably have exceptional insight. You may even be a little bit psychic. People certainly view you with a sense of mystery and wonder. You are deep and magical like the night sky!

You are warmth, love, comfort, and home. You are the person everyone can count on to be welcoming and friendly. You are the brown of a stable tree, the brown of a puppy dog's eyes, the brown of a field of wheat rippling in the wind. You are the human equivalent of a hug.

You are the color of illumination! You are wise and witty and full of knowledge which you (if you haven't already) you will turn into wealth. Maybe it won't be monetary wealth, but it will be wealth all the same!