What Element are You?

Did you know that the major ancient civilizations from Asia to Europe had the same basis for magical elements like Earth, Air, Fire, Water and others? Find out which one you are with this quiz!

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You are grounded, rooted, and terrestrial. You're not given to flights of fancy and you hold responsibility and integrity as important concepts that keep the world on track. The Greek concept of the element Earth was of heaviness, matter, and the earthly world and used the cube as its symbol.

Air, according to the Greeks, was the essence of intelligence, psyche, and soul. It was changeable between high and light, muddy and misty, and other forms. You flow like air into different forms and states and are easily adaptable to change.

You are a passionate fiery person. The Chinese believed the fire element was the source of joy, enthusiasm, dynamism, persistence, and restlessness. The excessive side of the fire element is aggression, burning, impulsiveness, and impatience.

You are serenity and calm, or at least that's what your drawn to. The Greeks believed that water drew people inward and the Chinese associated it with wisdom, flexibility, and softness. Many associate water with intuition and emotion.

Wood is one of the Ancient Chinese elements. It is also known as Tree. Wood represents growth, springtime, the colors green and blue, the Azure Dragon, and windy weather. Personal attributes include warmth, generosity, strength, idealism, and flexibility. You are a kind and well-liked person given to idealism.

The Aether, according to the Greeks, was what filled the void above the atmosphere. It is also known as quintessence. They believed that it was a form through which gravity, light, and sound traveled. They also believed that it was what the gods breathed. You are, therefore, a heaven-sent breath of fresh air and are out of this world!