What Manicure Suits You Best?

Have you ever wondered which nail polish matches your personality?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your manicure should be red! You are outgoing, and you're often the center or attention. You have a classic look with a bit of a daring side. You know what looks good on you! Try experimenting with different shades of red to match your mood and the season! Red is the color of strength, passion, and love, so it should be no surprise that this color is what suits you best. Wear your red nails confidently!

Your manicure personality is seasonal! You probably love the holidays, and you should show it on your fingertips, too! You are a people person with a lot of friends, so why don't you get everyone together to make some nail art magic? Start by mixing and matching colors and textures, then start making some designs. You should be dazzling everyone with nail art that matches how fun you are. You know you want to.

Your nail polish personality is glitter! Glittery and sparkly nails certainly aren't for those who are bashful. You light up the room with your personality, and you need some nails that reflect that! You can go all out with the glitter on every nail, or you can tone it down by putting glitter on an accent nail or two. Try experimenting with glitter AND rhinestones! You should have some sparkle and dazzle on your fingertips!

Your manicure should be a French manicure! It is classy, just like you. The French manicure is such an understated and beautiful look. It looks great for any occasion! You are a naturally pretty girl. You are busy and constantly on the move, so you like to keep things simple. The French manicure is perfect for you because it keeps your hands looking beautiful and clean without any hassle!

Sweet and natural
Your manicure is sweet and natural. You choose to keep your nails bare or manicured with natural-toned polishes. You may not be outgoing or adventurous with your nail color choices, but that's just because you know what you like. Natural nails go with everything, and there is nothing more fashionable than natural beauty! Besides, why would you want to distract people from your beauty and personality?

Vampy vixen
Your manicure should be vampy vixen! Meeeeooow! You can have a lot of fun with this style, and you love to have fun. You are fashion forward, and you also demand everyone's attention. Your manicure should be elegantly dark. You can play with textured polishes like those with a matte or leather look, or you can choose a high-shine finish. Play with different tones like deep plums or even dark red colors. Glam it up, vixen!