How Well Do You Manage Stress?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Too Well
When stress comes your way, you tend to freak out just a little bit. This causes more stress, and it becomes a snowball effect. Try some stress management tips like counting to ten, taking a few deep breaths, or getting some exercise! You'll be much happier that you did.

You're Learning
You know that you can be a bit tightly wound, but you realize that you need to manage your stress in a way that's better than worrying more about it. Good job! The first step to healthier stress management is figuring out that you need better ways to release that extra tension.

Pretty Well
You do pretty well with stress. You know that it's a part of life, and you accept that. Sure, sometimes you cave in and have a minor meltdown, but most of the time, you're able to calm yourself down and go back to your normal happy state of mind again!

Very Well
You know that stress can only make you stronger. You have become a master at producing great things under stress, and you don't let a little stress faze you at all. You have great techniques for managing stress, and others could learn a lot from you!