Am I Popular?

Would you like to know whether you are popular among your peers? This entertaining quiz will tell you what you want to know! First, answer the easy questions about your life and your acquaintances. After you finish, the insightful quiz will reveal whether you are really popular in the eyes of your peers.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

definitely not popular
Do you know what an antonym is? Because you are the antonym of popular! Being popular isn't the most important thing in life so don't get down about it. It's better to be a good friend to the people who know you than to have the admiration of strangers.

are not popular
You are not a complete unknown, but you can't say that you are popular. You don't really need to be popular anyway. It is more important to be known for good things than to be known by a lot of people.

popular in some places and completely unknown in others
While you may be popular on social media, you may be completely unknown to people at your school or place of employment. If that's the case, you have the best of both worlds, so enjoy your peace and your popularity.

almost popular
You are almost popular, but something is missing. It seems that you get your popularity by being the friend of a person who is actually popular. That means that some people are hanging around with you just because they want to get close to your friend. Beware!

you are popular
Congratulations, you really are popular. It's not just in your imagination. People like being around you and even some people who don't know you personally have heard about your talents and would love to be your friend.

you are very popular
Congratulations! You fit all the criteria of a popular person: People seek out your company and even people who don't know you personally have heard about you. Hopefully, you will use your influence for good.