What Perfume Should I Wear?

Are you looking for your signature scent? A woman's perfume should match her personality. There are so many choices! Find your perfume by taking this quiz!

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1. What would you rather have?

Kiss Cookie Flower Raccoon Popsicle

3. You're at a playground. What are you playing on?

Slide Swings Merry-Go-Round Seesaw

4. Pick a flower:

Orchid Violet Stargazer lily Rose Daisy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Oriental spice
You, or at least some part of your persona, is exotic and mysterious. Oriental scents are spicy, musky, and have hints of cinnamon. They are for the woman that values luxury, refinement, and elegance. Or, for anyone who relishes in the unfolding of night.

Woodsy and Earthy
You are a princess of the forest. You have the essence of a carefree nature spirit that loves to dance with magic under the light of the moon. Woodsy and earthy scents will make you feel that magic no matter where you are! Try top notes of evergreen, patchouli (we promise it's not unwashed strong), and sandalwood.

Your youthful energy goes great with sweetly scented perfumes. Not floral - that's another type of scent. Candy perfumes pretty much smell like sweetness and sugar. Just like you, they exude happiness and frivolity.

Floral and Fruity
When you want a perfume that is feminine and matches your sweet personality but you don't want anything overbearing or that smells like a candy shop, go with a citrus or floral scent. They are slightly sweet but are fresh and never cloying. Well, many of them aren't. Test the perfume for the day to make sure the one you've picked is light and fresh!

If you love the smell of 'clean' these are the scents for you. Think of things you've smelled like 'cotton' candles, shower gels with the word 'ocean' in their name or anything blue and scented. That's what you're looking for. Fresh is best!

You have the sensuality of a cat. Try warm scents like sandalwood, vanilla, and spice. They're perfect for the hygge life you dream of. You'll smell like everything cozy in the world while you sit there sipping your cocoa or tea!