What Are My Strengths?

This isa fun quiz that will ask you random questions about what you are good at and possibly not so good at to help determine your strengths. Rather in life in general or on the job, everyone has a strength.

Tags: Personality, Strengths, Character-Traits, Stamina

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a planner. Your strength is you are awesome at organizing things. You live by your planner to always stay on task and get things accomplished early, even grocery shopping. You are not a fan of procrastinators.

Action Oriented
You are action oriented Instead of waiting around for someone else to do something, you put forth the effort to get it done, if you know it needs to be done. You don't mind helping others out to accomplish goals. You believe actions speak louder than words.

You are great at communicating. People often rely on you to rely messages to a large group of people. If a family reunion is being planned, you are definitely the person that is letting everyone know whether it be via text, the phone, or in person.

Team player
You are a great team player. You strongly believe that if people come together things get done better and quicker. You loved playing sports in the past because of this. You always volunteer to ask coworkers or friends if they could use your help.

Problem Solving
You are a great problem solver. You are an expert at cause and effect situations. You easily come up with solutions that will avoid problems reoccurring again. Whenever people have a problem, they flee to you for help.

You have an ability to be persuasive. You could persuade someone to change the color of their shoe strings because it's a certain day of the week. You have a likeable personality and people value your opinion when it comes to just about everything: fashion, cell phones, ect.