What Color Is Your Anger?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a rather cheery and positive person who rarely gets mad. You have a knack for making other's sour mood turn happy. You just radiate positivity and that's infectious to those around you. When you get angry at others, it's usually light-hearted. You don't hold grudges over others because even in the most chaotic of situations, you tend to see the good in others. You usually just ignore whoever you're mad at until the anger settles.

You're a rather sensitive individual and because of that, jealousy tends to settle deeply in your soul. It's easy for you to quickly become jealous or envious of someone else. When that happens, it's hard to control your emotions and your ugly side comes out. When you're not feeling jealousy though, you tend to be a rather calm and positive person to those around you.

You have a bold and passionate attitude about life which you express greatly through your emotions. You never bottle up your emotions but instead you always say what's on your mind. You sometimes forget your boundaries and you'll say whatever you're feeling at the moment of your anger. When someone crosses you, you make them regret ever getting on your bad side.

You a charismatic individual who loves to bask in the spotlight. Whenever your anger arises, it's usually because your ego has been bruised and you want to defend your pride. You don't like anyone saying anything negative about you, especially when it hit the nail on the head. You have all eyes on you at almost everyplace and you want to protect your reputation from any nasty rumors.

You're a rather grounded individual who stays humble in most situations. The problem with your anger is that you hold yourself to extremely high standards and when you fail those, your anger crashes down on you. Your anger motivates you to better in life and you want to prove everyone wrong. You use your anger to fuel your passion in life.