Am I An Alpha Male?

This is a short fun quiz that will tell you if you are an Alpha male and if you are what it is that makes you an alpha male. This quiz should be fun to take.

Tags: Men, Characteristics

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not an alpha male at all
You are not an alpha male at all there is nothing about you that would make people think you are an alpha. You are not a leader and you are basically scared of everything that you come in contact with.

Persistent man
What makes you an alpha male is your persistence. You are a bulldog on the sales floor, you were born to do this job. You are not scared of rejection, because you do not see it as an obstacle but more like an opportunity.

hat makes you an alpha male is your ability to motivate others. People listen to you, they believe in you, if you are talking no one else is. You are able to get people to work for you when no one else can.

Physical strength
What makes you an alpha male is your shear size. You give off the appearance of being an alpha just because you are so massive. What people do not realize is that you are just as strong as you are big.

Man of his word
What makes you an alpha male is the fact that you are a man of your word. People trust and since they trust you they believe in you to lead them, they believe in you because they know under no circumstance will your honor be compromised.

Man's man
What makes you an alpha male is you are a born leader. You are the type of person that other alphas look to. You are the guy that will lead by day and have a drink with you at night. People believe in you so they will follow you.