How To Propose A Girl?

This is a fun short quiz that will give you ideas as to how you might want to propose to your girlfriend. Take this fun quiz it may give you ideas for your proposal.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

At a sporting event
You guys met while in college you all were both collegiate athletes and that is how you all met. Since you both were former athletes you two are both huge sports fans. So proposing at one of your favorite teams games would be perfect for her.

At family function
You both are really family oriented, you guys try and spend as much time as you can with both of your families so it is fair. The perfect proposal would be at a family event, where you are able to bring both families together.

On Valentines day
You go all out on Valentines day, you believe that everyday should be special but you really go out of your way on Valentines day. So since you like to go so big on this day, proposing on this day would be ideal.

At location of first date
The location of your first date has always been very special to the two of you. It is where you actually met each other. So if you were to recreate the first date that would be the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend.

Spur of the moment
You are a very impulsive individual, not much of what you do is ever truly planned out in advanced. You like the rush you get from just going with the flow of life. So there is no reason to change that when it comes to your proposal.

Grand gesture
You have always known that you wanted to get married one day so you think about your proposal all of the time. You know that when the time comes that your proposal is going to be big really, really, big.