How Should You Broaden Your Horizons?

Everyone gets stuck in a rut of one kind or another, even if they don't realize it. Get out of yours with this quiz!

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Explore Your Curiosity
You probably have a million 'I wonder' thoughts every day. Maybe you Google some of them; maybe you don't. Instead of just doing a simple search and finding a pat answer, why not spend time on one or two of those thoughts a week and really explore them? Inventors, creatives, and others who come up with great ideas start with one small thought that they follow until it leads them somewhere interesting. Try it!

You may be prone to overthinking, overtalking, and overdoing. Try to step back once in a while and listen. Listen not only through your ears but through your experience. Let the world answer your questions instead of trying to answer them on your own for a change. You'll enrich your life and learn a lot.

Take In Something Unusual
We are prone to reading, watching, or listening to specific genres of media. The next time you turn on the television, hit the library, or turn on music, go for something completely different. If you're into romantic comedies, try an action movie. If you're into fiction, try a book about mythology. If you're into country music, try electronica. Whatever you try may not be your thing, but you might just find something you like.

Go Outside
You don't have to go on a complete tech diet, but go outside now and then, sans technology or reading material. Just 15 minutes of downtime in nature per day can help you process all of the info you've taken in and view it from various angles. Your mind is already full of potential for horizon broadening; it just needs space and time to do it.

Make a Friend Outside Your Peer Group
We tend to have friends who are a lot like us. Try spending more time with someone who doesn't fit the mold that most of your friends are in. For instance, if you're young, have coffee with the older lady next door once a week. If you're conservative, get together with the hippie girl from your knitting group for a joint knit-for-charity project. Your friend group is great, but you're cycling the same ideas around and around. If you spend time with someone different, you'll learn new things and can share that knowledge with your friends.

Practice Spontaneity
The next time you feel like doing something, drop everything and just do it--within reason, of course. For example, if you suddenly think of a great idea for a watercolor painting, don't talk yourself out of it because of the mess. If you pass a playground with swings and miss your childhood, get out of the car and swing! Get your friends in on this too. You'll have loads of fun.