Perfect Boyfriend Quiz

Wondering if you're the perfect boyfriend? It's time to find out for sure, in a 100% certain way! We'll be more honest than any romantic partner would be, we promise.

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The Perfect Boyfriend
Chances are. . . you've dated a lot. And you've learned the ins and outs of dating. What makes a relationship work, and what doesn't. So on your end, you have things figured out. You know what to do, how to handle the drama, and avoid as much drama as possible. And you know how to make someone feel loved! Now you just need to make sure that your partner is the best they can be too. Are they?

The Good Boyfriend
You're a good boyfriend! Not perfect, but very close. You're the guy who literally understands that he's in a relationship, so compromising, sacrificing, and going things just because is. . . all understood. You get it, you do it, no doubt about it. But sometimes, you still make some mistakes here and there, and only after the fact do you think 'I should have known better than to do/say that. I feel stupid. '.

The Decent Boyfriend
You try at least, which is saying more than most. You're selfish, but you're learning that there is more to a relationship between two people than just. . . well, YOU. Compromise doesn't always come easy, and knowing how to choose your battles wisely is an art form. It's all new to you, but you're trying to make it work. And it shows! Your effort isn't going unnoticed.

The Bad Boyfriend
You're the guy who still has a lot to learn, but isn't actually willing to learn it. You're too selfish, still stuck trying to be young and stupid, making the poor decisions. Why? Because it's fun, because growing up is hard, and because you're not ready to settle down. You're not ready to commit. You could have the perfect partner, and you'd still take them for granted.