What Is Your School Nickname?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a optimistic person who always looks on the bright of life. You're very bubbly and always have a smile on your face. You were probably pretty popular in school as people loved to be around your infectious personality.

You're a free-spirited person who doesn't listen to the rules. You probably were pretty rebellious in school and could usually be found skipping class. You hate staying in class for too long so you're always on the move.

You reigned over the school with your charming self. You were probably pretty popular in school and had quite a large group of friends. You were born to be a leader and you have issue playing that role.

You're a very athletic person who probably excelled in sports. You were known for your athleticism and for being a team player. You know how to work with people but you're also great at being a leader when it's needed.

You are a very good looking person and so it's no surprise that this would be the nickname you'd have in school. You can't help but turn head and make people envious as you walk by. While you may be attractive, you still have a good attitude about yourself.