What Should Your Nationality Be?

There's a lot of countries in the world. Which one do you really belong in?

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You work hard, play hard, and never give up on your dreams. You're a bit of a rebel sometimes, and you enjoy letting yourself go crazy occasionally. You love spending time with your friends. You're popular, social and enjoy trying new things.

You're thoughtful and refined, elegant and graceful. You handle responsibilities well, and are always willing to help out those in need. You never make hasty decisions and never rush into anything without due consideration. You work hard and always do a good job.

As someone who lights up any room you enter, you belong in a city that can keep up with you! You are beautiful and sexy. You're a romantic and a lover. You never do anything by half and you're very passionate.

South African
You're talented and creative; you have a true artist's soul. You love to create things. You're a deep thinker. Family is very important to you, and you care deeply about traditions.

Clever, smart, and unique, you're always a step ahead of everyone else. In your group of friends, you are the smart one. You can always think of something fun and new to do. You're never afraid of trying something different and nothing ever stops you.

You're very spiritual and can take care of yourself. You love the outdoors and are good with animals. You're one with nature and enjoy spending as much time as possible outside. You're very athletic and good at sports. You don't like fighting and you always try to help people when you can.