How Addicted To Your Phone Are You?

Ever since smart phones got a bit too smart, we're all just a little bit phone crazy. But how addicted to your phone are you? Take this test to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Addicted to Your Phone, aka, The Zombie
You are so addicted to your phone that you hardly realize what's going on in the world around you. In fact, your entire reality is based on what happens (or what you make happen) on the screen. You've probably been very close to getting hit by a car or a bus, and you never even realized what happened. People gave up trying to speak to you in person a very long time ago, and the people who you do stay in contact with communicate with you solely through social media. You are very popular on social media, which is fine-because the more alerts and notifications you receive, the happier you feel.

80% Addicted to Your Phone, aka, The Junkie
You are aware that you're addicted to your phone, and you really couldn't care less. You realize you're being rude when you're staring at your screen while having dinner with your friends, or when you've downloaded and deleted your tenth useless app of the day. You know that your dependency is bad for you in all aspects of your life, yet you can't live without your cell phone and have no desire to change your relationship with it in any way.

75% Addicted to Your Phone, aka, Smartphone Dependent
You try hard to use good manners and etiquette when using your phone in public, meaning that you turn your ringer off during meetings (and discreetly check it under the desk), and you wait until your lunch date goes to the bathroom to obsess over your phone in their absence. You also usually pull your car over to respond to notifications. But once you're in the privacy of your home, your nose is in that screen until bedtime.

50% Addicted to Your Phone, aka, The Casual User
You have managed to be neither too addicted, nor too out of touch with the changing times. You use your social media apps the way they should be used-to foster and supplement real life, actual relationships with real life, actual people. You also use your apps in the same way, and can easily shift your attention away from your screen and onto the things that matter. You probably have a very rewarding career and happy personal life due to your responsible habits and practices, which is wonderful.

Not Addicted to Your Phone! Aka, The Lite Version Downloader
Let's face it-you don't really understand the hype of social media, tablets and smart phones. In fact, you aren't even all that crazy about the internet. If people want to get in touch with you, they can call you on the phone or send you a text. And you don't need Wi-Fi for that.

The Exact Opposite of a Cell Phone Addict aka, The Lifelong Texter
Congratulations! You are not a smartphone addict. At all. In fact, it's likely that you're taking this quiz from a desktop PC with a dial-up modem. While we think it's great that you're not an addict, we also think that it might possibly be affecting your social life, just a bit.