What Will Your Answers Reveal About You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are Smart
You have a sharp mind and brilliant intellect. You see solutions to problems well before others do. School was more enjoyable for you than for your peers. You are smart.

You are Kind
You live your life strictly adhering to the golden rule without even having to think about it. If more people were like you, the world would have a lot less problems. You are kind.

You are Beautiful
You have the kind of appearance that others envy, but without malice. You are admired and imitated. Your looks will be timeless and your beauty will never fade. Your answers reveal that you are beautiful.

You are Funny
You truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. Others seek you out because they know that you will see the numerous side to any situation and immediately make them feel better. Your answers reveal that you are funny.

You are Unique
You don't fit into a mold, and that's what others love about you. You refuse to follow trends or social norms and have made decisions in your life to make you happy, not anybody else. Your answers reveal that you are unique.