What To Do On A First Date?

Going on a first date can be pretty nerve wracking. It will be less so if you have a plan in place of what you're going to do. We can help you figure it out with this quiz!

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Grab Some Coffee
It doesn't seem as though you're quite ready to dedicate an entire day or night to this person, so getting coffee is always a safe bet. You can get out of there in as little as an hour or so if things aren't going well. If they are, stick around longer.

Go Out To Dinner
You are a traditional type of person, so a dinner date is going to make you feel the most comfortable with this new person in your life. If dinner goes well, grab a movie or go out for a drink afterward. You'll know when the night is over.

Go To The Bar
Clearly, you have a little bit of anxiety about this date, and going to the bar where you can have some drinks, relax, and maybe even meet up with a few friends will help in taking the awkwardness out of your first night together.

Take Your Dogs To The Park
You and your date both love animals and the outdoors. Each of you has a dog, so why not go to the dog park for your first date. You will be able to share your common interest in your pets and it gives you a nice distraction if things aren't as exciting as what you hope.

Head To A Museum
You are more than a dinner and drinks type of person. You want to see what this person thinks about more important things like art and history. It gives you a chance to pick their brain a bit and see how intellectual they are.

Go To An Amusement Park
It's pretty obvious that you have a passion for adventure, and it's likely the person you are considering of taking out does to. Plan a day at your closest amusement park. You can really see how this person reacts to a good time.