How To Be A Superhero?

Being a superhero is a lot easier to do than you think it is. Take this entertaining quiz and you will know exactly what you need to do to unharness your superpowers.

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do something nice, just because. .
Superheroes are volunteers. They don't need any payment for their kind deeds; they are motivated by love, concern, compassion, and kindness. To be a true superhero, do as much good as you can do every day.

use your imagination
Why watch kids have fun flying, reading each others' minds, and running at the speed of light? Join the fun and use your imagination and creativity to enter into the world of superheroes. Come on! It will be fun.

put others first
If you sacrifice something you want for the benefit of someone else, you may be a true superhero. So before you carelessly discard something that works perfectly fine or buy a new gadget that you don't really need, ask yourself: Could this item or money go to someone who really needs it?

endure without complaint
You can be a superhero if you ignore your pain or discomfort and just soldier on through the tough times with a smile. Doing so will give you the ability to focus on others and find out what you need to do to help them.

share your story
If you make a mistake or if something bad happens to you, your tendency may be to hide it and avoid talking about it. However, telling your story can save someone pain and inspire them to overcome similar obstacles. Are you heroic enough now to speak out?

do something brave
When people think of bravery, they think of soldiers fighting for their country or jumping out of a plane. However, bravery doesn't have to be a life or death issue. It takes bravery to apologize, to say you love someone, or to raise to an unplanned child.