What 'Frozen' Character Are You?

Are you more Elsa, Anna, or... Olaf? Take this fun quiz to find out which character from the hit animated movie Frozen you're most like!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Elsa the Snow Queen
While you seem perfectly poised, you have huge responsibilities and a deep dark secret that's making it hard for you to function. Don't be afraid. Let it go, girl! Be who you are! Use your power ' for good! You are beautiful and strong and you will prevail! Remember, the cold never bothered you anyway.

You are a girl who just wants to have some fun ' and to feel loved. Your heart is an open door! You are also very brave. While you're very interested in romance, your sister is the most important person in the world to you and you would do anything to help and protect her. You don't give up ' on people or on anything else.

You like warm hugs! An adorable, playful little snowman, you are a wonderful, loyal friend. You are a very positive person. Your favourite season, oddly enough, seems to be summer. We guess the cold DOES bother you, after all.

A rugged outdoorsman, you don't look like a knight in shining armour. But you definitely are one at heart! On the surface, you're slightly grumpy and more than slightly goofy. Underneath all that, though, you're a real catch. A true Prince Charming.

To all appearances, you're a lovely young man. Kind, capable, brave ' you seem to have everything under control. You're intelligent, too. Unfortunately, it seems you might have an ulterior motive will you get away with your nefarious plan?

You are the strong, silent type, and a very upstanding person. (Uh, we mean reindeer.) You make your opinion known without saying a word. Loving and reliable, you are a true friend to the very end.