Which City In Ohio Should You Live In?

Our few simple questions will tell you which Ohio city you would most enjoy living in!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Do rapid growth and numerous opportunities for professional advancement sound like a dream come true? According to us, Findlay-a rapidly growing city with tons of potential-is the perfect place to live for someone as ambitious and focused as you are. You should feel comfortable with Findlay's small-town feel and big-town dreams. With growing businesses and also a university, you'll find many exciting opportunities in Findlay!

You're exciting, competitive and urban-and you need to live in a large city with world-class action, culture, and entertainment galore. Your perfect city is Cleveland! From universities and the arts to Broadway shows and professional sports teams, you'll always have something to do in this huge city! However, sports fans beware-Cleveland has a reputation for being -cursed' when it comes to winning championships.

You need excitement, renowned educational institutions and exciting career opportunities. According to our quiz, you'd be happiest in a city like Cincinnatti. Cincinnati has a rich heritage, dating back to shortly after the American Revolution. It is also the 28th largest city in the United States, and has all the opportunities a big city usually has to offer. And of course, don't forget the Cincinnati Reds!

Does a large, picturesque, lakeside city sound appealing to you? According to this quiz, of all the cities in Ohio, you would be happiest living in Toledo. The fourth largest city in Ohio, this city has existed since as early as 1795! Situated near beautiful Lake Erie, the cityscape in Toledo is just beautiful! Toledo is also famous for auto-racing, and has the Automobile Racing Club of America headquarters in the city.

According to this quiz, you belong in Canton, Ohio. You are likely to appreciate a small-town lifestyle in a friendly community in a smaller town with a little bit of history-and Canton fits the bill. Canton has been around since 1805, and is a major manufacturing hub for Ohio. There are plenty of jobs and commerce in Canton, yet people that live there tend to love the slower pace and old-time feel of the town.

Cherry Grove
According to our quiz, you would be happiest living in Cherry Grove. This is a small town with a typical small-town feel, but it's just big enough that you won't ever be bored. You'll love the family-friendly atmosphere, warm summer nights hanging out on your porch swing with a loved one, and the comfort of fitting into a tightknit community of friendly, interesting people in Cherry Grove, OH!