What To Wear On A First Date?

First dates are so exciting but obviously you want to look your best. Rather than spending hours raiding your closet, see what outfit best matches your first date personality.

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Jeans and a Sleeveless Top
You have nailed the gorgeous yet approachable look in your every day style and that's exactly what you should bring to your date nights. You are an incredible person who is known for being charming and loving. Anyone would be lucky to have you for the evening!

A Cute Sweater and Boots
You've never been a huge fan of dressing up, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to look good. Throw on a cute sweater and some rocking boots and you'll be good to go. You have a personality like no other- you're full of wit, insight, and curiosity.

A Romper
You love looking amazing and you love rompers (or soon will). Take this easy outfit out for a night on the town and watch as your date becomes increasingly devoted to you. You're someone who deserves only the best from a partner.

A Little Black Dress
Perhaps it sounds a bit classic or dated but there's no denying how great an LBD can make you look. The best part is, it's a guarantee date night win and an opportunity to show off your personality. You enjoy nice things, including nice dates!

Something Sparkly
Not everyone can pull off sparkles, but with your confidence and charisma you can, so why not? Wear something that will match the flirty sparkle in your eyes and the twinkling stars outside. You are a full-blown romantic.

A Leather Jacket
Or a faux-leather jacket or a moto jacket- the short of it is, you want to look good and in charge. You are independent and you only date if the person is truly worth it. Match your jacket with a cute dress or some stylish jeans and you're good to go.