What Wine Should I Drink?

So many wine bottles, so many choices, if only you had someone to choose a bottle for you. It looks like you are in luck, take this quiz to find out which bottle you should open.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Malbec is typically a medium to full-bodied, dry red wine. It has a high amount of acid and more importantly for you, alcohol levels. It is dark, with a usual purple color. You should expect flavors of plums, black cherry, and blackberry.

Riesling is a dry to sweet white wines. You will usually pick up a lime, honey and apricots odor. The wine also has high acidity. Most Riesling wines are on the sweet side, in order to balance the amounts of acid.

Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigios are white wines with usually light and zesty flavor. The main fruit flavors in Pinot Grigio are pear, white nectarine, lemon, lime, and apple. Depending on which pinot you chose the wine can adopt a faint honey taste and smell. You should also expect floral scents like honeysuckle.

The Wine for you is Rose. It usually is a dry wine but there are certain brands that aim for a sweeter tasting bottle of Rose as well. This is a great dessert wine and can be combined with cheesy, delicious treats as well. Rose usually has a lower alcohol level, allowing you to skip the hangover. Unless you decide to drink a bottle or two of course.

Merlot Wine has a soft finish, not overly sweet and easy to drink. But there's more to Merlot than being smooth. Merlot has received an unwanted bad reputation. It's high time that we clear the air one this. Merlot wine is top of the line. You won't just respect a vino like this, but it will compliment virtually any meal you ever serve up, too.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is the Wine for you. With a high alcohol content, you need to be careful on how tipsy you really want to get. Cab Sav is a dry red with a thick consistency, that you will enjoy with your meaty meals. Cabernet is one of the more commonly loved types of wine and can be enjoyed almost anytime and any place. . . which is why it is best suited for you!