What Shape Glasses Should I Wear?

Find out which stylish shape of glasses best suits your face, your style, and your personality. Let your personality shine through the perfect pair of frames.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Classic Wayframe Glasses
You should wear wayframe glasses, the perfect combination of vintage and modern that appeals to your stylish self. You are well-liked and enjoy anything artistic from books to fashion to artsy movies.

Browline Glasses
You should wear browline glasses which will show off your unique personality and your funky style. Your known for always being interesting and well-dressed. Whether you just started an artisan lip balm company or are returning from writing in Paris, you're as cool as they come.

Square or Rectangle Glasses
You should wear square or rectangle glasses. While you can be very serious, you have a huge heart. You're very dedicated to both your work and your family/friends. You're an important person to a lot of people.

Round Glasses
You should wear round glasses. Long are round glasses made for the uber Harry Potter fans, but rather they are breaking through into the most fashionable and inspired trendsetters. You are a visionary.

Aviator Glasses
You should wear aviator glasses. You're hugely into the outdoors and need a proper pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes on your long hikes, boat days, and general outdoor time. You may also enjoy history.

Cateye Glasses
You should wear cateye glasses. You enjoy being coy and being a flirt. You've mastered the art of being both sarcastic and highly likable, even if you don't care what others think, which you probably don't.