What Is Your Shakespearean Name?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Shakespearean name is Claudius! Best known for his role in "Hamlet" was a bit shrewd and hell bent on accruing power. While we're not saying you're a power hunger war monger, we do know that when you have a goal, you'll achieve it by any means necessary.

Your Shakespearean name is Timon, from the story "Timon of Athens." Timon was generous, trusting, and a bit naive. He would give to anyone who needed help, even if it ended up costing him his own fortune. Much like Timon, you're a giver through and through.

Your Shakespearean name is Juno! Juno is a prosperous spirit in Shakespeare who always brings about good luck and monetary gain. While we're not sure you have those kinds of powers, we do know that you've always had good luck in life.

You're most like Ophelia from "Hamlet!" Ophelia often feels torn and conflicted in life and torn between many options. You've felt this way so often throughout your life, that you can most definitely relate.

Your Shakespearean name is Silvia. In Shakespeare's own words, Silvia is fair, wise, and full of beauty. Much like this Shakespearean character, you possess a wisdom beyond your age. You're fair-minded and kind at all times.