What Would Your Inner Child Like To Get For Christmas?

Here's what your inner child hopes to find under the tree.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a trampoline
You've always wanted your very own trampoline, it'll be all yours and you'll never have to take turns. You can jump as high as you like. You're old enough that no adults can tell you to take it easy. You'll just keep jumping!

a magic kit
A part of you has always wanted to say abracadabra and make a penny disappear to the amazement of your friends. You've always wanted to learn a few tricks and imagine how you would go around showing them to everyone. Now if you could just find one rabbit and a black hat, your magic career could begin...

a puppy
There's nothing like a little puppy to make you feel all the joy and eagerness of being six years old again. You love playing with puppies. Throwing balls for them to catch and teaching them new tricks. A puppy with a Christmas bow around its neck is just what you need to forget you ever grew up.

a Lego set
When you were younger you could spend hours building elaborate houses and knocking them down again, and a part of you yearns for those simpler times. You were always very creative in your designs. You built lovely houses for your toys. You like getting hands-on and creating new things.

an action figure
You still love to come up with stories and epic battles for your action figures, even though you probably don't act them out any longer - at least while anyone else is home! You still love the things you loved when you were younger, but now you mainly enjoy those things as a collector. But you still get annoyed if people call action figures 'dolls'.

a chemistry set
Your inner child thinks mixing weird chemicals and making weirder smells would be both hilarious and fun. You love learning, chemistry, and getting messy, so science-based presents are your jam!