What Would Be The Worst Job For You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The worst job for you would be teaching! For some, teaching is a fulfilling job that can lead to feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. For you, teaching would lead to a lot of stress and thoughts of quitting. You would loathe disciplining children, dealing with parents, and having a strict set of guidelines.

The worst job for you would be politician! Sure, for some politics is a fulfilling career choice. For you, politics is a practice in immorality. You would hate lying, accepting bribes, and campaigning. Not to mention your public speaking skills might not be up to snuff!

Taxi Driver
The worset job for you would be a taxi driver! You truly loathe the thought of racing through the streets of some bustling metroplis at 90 mph. Not only do you find taxi driving scary, you would never be able to keep the weird hours with your love of friends of family.

Newspaper Reporter
While the life of a journalist may seem glamourous to some, you find the idea of chasing down a lead, dealing with crime scenes, and traveling to dangerous places to be quite terrifying. You'd much rather work a quiet 9 to 5 and know what to expect from your life each day.

The absolute worst job for you would to be a chef! Not only do you loathe cooking, but the idea of bossing others around in a hot kitchen full of irritated individuals handling sharp knifes seems like a unique form of hell.