What Kind Of Lover Are You?

Love is a universal emotion but how we love is different for all of us. See what unique style of romance you bring to the table and why your partners love it.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Loyal Lover
When you love you love deeply and fully. As a lover you are highly committed and your partner becomes the center of your world. You would do anything for them but lead with respect, honesty, and loyalty.

A Passionate Lover
You are an intense lover. You are known for your passion and your heat. Your partners can not get enough of you and the way you make them feel. You love love and everything that comes with it primarily because it just feels so good.

A Sweet Lover
You're kindhearted, gentle, and thoughtful. You're the kind of lover someone holds onto for life as you show them affection and true care. Your love is pure and honest and should never be doubted or lost.

A Fierce Lover
You are equal parts lover and warrior. You consider yourself a protector of your loved ones and fight for them because of the love they give you. You will move mountains to make them feel good and adore the way they make you feel in return.

A Creative Lover
For you, love sparks a certain creativity. When you're in love you notice you work better, eat better, create more interesting projects. The support you find in love acts as a platform for you to show your true self- a creative and fascinating self.

A Generous Lover
You are a natural giver. You love to share, treat others, and give your love. You're not stingy with your feelings and others marvel at your capability to love and love without a guaranteed return. Your love is strong.