First Aid Quiz

Do you know what all goes into a first aid kit? Would you know how to assist someone in case of an emergency? Prove your first aid proficiency by taking this quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

After the quiz results, it is highly recommended that you should not try to help someone because you have very poor knowledge about how to use a first aid kit or rescue someone in an emergency situation. Please do take some time to read up about first aid and prep yourself for unforeseen situations.

Below Average
We regret to let you know that your performance on this quiz is not up to the mark. It will be very risky if you try to help someone with such poor knowledge about first aid. You can ask your family physician for some tips on brushing up your knowledge or read some expert articles online.

You answered a good number of questions correctly in this quiz, which indicates that you have the ability to help yourself or another individual in an emergency situation. You surely can improve your knowledge on the subject and get acquainted, we suggest you read some healthcare articles; you will soon become a pro!

Very good
Congratulations! You answered almost all questions correctly. Let us take a guess: you are a doctor or a medical student? No? Then, you are a highly informed and aware citizen. Good job! It is encouraging to know that you have great knowledge about first aid and you can help anyone and everyone in need. We need more of you in this world!