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Physically Passionate
You are a very sexual person. You thrive on both giving and receiving physical pleasure. For you, if there's no sex, there's no relationship. You can certainly appreciate the notion of romance and anticipation, but only if there's a direct payoff in bed. You may find it difficult to commit to someone once the first blush has worn off.

You are a companionable person. You enjoy simply being with your lover, whether that means sitting next to him or her in a movie theater, eating a meal together, or going for a long walk. You enjoy the sexual aspect of your relationship but it probably doesn't take center stage. You are not bored by familiarity. Instead you are comforted by it. And you realize that there will always be more to learn about your partner as time goes on.

You are comfortable in your relationship. Perhaps too comfortable. Your lover is probably somewhat uncertain about how you truly feel about him or her. This is because you don't show it. While you may have a perfectly acceptable sex life, sex is not central to your identity. Consider being a little more demonstrative.

You love your partner and you make a point of showing it. Ever one for the grand gesture, you are always there with a bottle of champagne and a bunch of roses. Or a bandaid should that be required! That's nice. But give yourself permission to relax into your relationship, at least sometimes. Everything doesn't have to be a performance.

You are a barnacle of love. You've wrapped your arms tightly around your lover and you don't intend to ever let go. Be careful. Some kinds of seaweed get more slippery the tighter you squeeze. And you can't even contemplate the idea of other fish in the sea.

You are a great lover. You're thoughtful, considerate, passionate, and companionable. You're always thinking about your partner and how you can put him or her first. Be careful. Your partner probably loves the royal treatment you provide. But you may someday wake up and find yourself resenting second place. And that's the position you've put yourself in!